Making Wind Instruments

Through our topic, “ Light and Soundstudents will consider sources of light and how to create shadows. They will build instruments and use their bodies and computers as they experiment with making sounds. Students will work towards presenting a production of a story using puppets and sounds.


Last week students made their own wind instruments using straws and masking tape. Here are some of our fantastic wind instruments.

Essendon Traffic School

Essendon Traffic School

Wow! What a fantastic day! We rode bikes and tried to follow the road rules at the Essendon Traffic School. Some of us had to be reminded to stay on the left side and stop at the red light. By the end of the session, most of us were able to stop at the red light, the railway crossing and the pedestrian crossing. We also knew how to follow the one way sign.

We also had a fantastic time playing at the park, especially going down the big slide and playing pirates in the sand area. We had so much fun.

Book Week 2017

Book Character Parade 2017

There was such a buzz of excitement as characters from different books came alive in our school yard on Friday, the 25th of August 2017.

For students in Foundation A, this was their first Book Character Parade and they joined in the fun. Here are some photos.